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Annette Mongelli

Annette Mongelli has been a veteran, award-winning, executive producer in Los Angeles, for over thirty years. She currently oversees content, accuracy, and graphics for both CBS2 and KCAL9 newscasts, in addition to managing the producers, writers, and talent. Annette has been a field producer for the Emmys, Oscars, and Grammys, as well as managing coverage for events ranging in diversity from presidential elections, natural disasters, and the L.A. Riots, to the infamous O.J. Simpson saga; from the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman to the subsequent trial. She was responsible for managing the chopper, field crews, and reporters for some of the most memorable events in recent Los Angeles history, including the infamous white Bronco freeway chase, and the Rodney King beating.

Annette is a longtime fan of Nathalie B jewelry and especially appreciates Nathalie's intuition for knowing just what she'll love. She loves how Nathalie puts the same thought and care into creating designs for the many lucky recipients of her pieces. The array of selections is all-inclusive, and there is truly something for everyone, all ages, and genders. "The love and thought that goes into each design, is incredible! Her jewelry is my favorite gift to give. Nathalie takes the time to listen, and in doing so makes the perfect piece that my friends and family will cherish.'

In addition to skiing, hiking, camping, and hitting the beach, Annette is also an avid cook and baker. She is happiest when hosting friends and family in her home, having those she loves gathered around her table for a shared meal. She is active in her children's schools, as well as in local public school programs, for which she has received several recognition awards, from congress member Tony Cardenas, and the L.A. City Council. Annette has been happily married for 24 years and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, daughter, and two sweet Labrador Retrievers.

Annette Mongelli