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Denice Duff

Denice Duff is an actress, award winning director, skin care line CEO, professional photographer, health and  image consultant, first responder, and a FB and IG live expert.

She’s an east coast Italian who is “addicted to helping people.” She says it’s her superpower and she loves to unleash it wherever she goes. And she does.

She has been the face of many commercial campaigns from Mervyn's and fruit of the  loom  to  chex cereal and Mr Clean TV credits extend from Matlock to CSI Miami and had a contract role on The Young and the Restless. She has fan following from  Paramount’s Vampire series ‘Subspecies”  shot in Romania.  She then took the challenge of directing and producing  a full length feature film and got complete distribution  to every major video chain. She then spent 3 years as the head of the Commercial & Print Department in one of LA’s busiest Agencies. Currently Denice spends her day as an award winning photographer shooting artists and directing videos for businesses, beauty campaigns and music videos. Her videos have won multiple awards at film festivals.

Denice has been photographing actors and entrepreneurs for over twenty years.  But she has been the face of many of national commercials, and TV guest star roles, movies of the week and a contract role on CBS’s The Young and the Restless.  She has a fan following from her Paramount Pictures vampire series “Subspecies” with its 5th installment about to film in 2021.  She is an award winning director from corporate testimonial to creative music videos.

Denice is a writer,  public speaker and FB and IG Influencer helping men and women with her healthy lifestyle  hacks and marriage tips. She is also the CEO of the successful all natural skin care company, In Your Face Skin Care


Denice Duff